APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT rue21 is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to non-discrimination in employment. rue21 selects the best qualified individual for the job based on job-related qualifications
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Please describe your job title and primary duties my main job was associate its different duties that come with that I mean mostly the main duties but I was 21 we have a thing like we have to meet our fragrance grown so we have people that sell fragrances muk see everyone in the store does this but it's like usually it's like different zones zone 1 zone 2 and zone 3 and when you're in a zone 1 you are the first person that the people see so you have to interest them in the fragrance and hopefully try to sell it there but some soon zone 3 also hosts back here up to but is that a key Photo Club just the normal retail environment but that's one thing different about was talking about was win-win their stairs all today please describe it typical day as an employee a super good day I come in clock in then you have like a five minute meeting with the manager on duty they tell you the sales go for the day the fragrance go for the day like last year's go things like that like getting any new promotion that we have more annoying um you get assigned to your zone here zone one you know you doing fragrance it's on to is usually cash register and zone 3 is like clearance and fitting rooms and that's about it usually you get like schedule like it appears make you like five hour shifts four hour shifts you might just get a whole day you'd ever know just depends and I know that there was women that I work that she gave hours based on how many fragrances you so so if you sell more fragrances couple hours how would you describe the application and interview process I foot out the application it asked me questions about like why I was interested in the job or whatever in like things like that the interviewing process like I interviewed by a hiring manager and then like the main manager those two interviews they called you back if they like chief for the second interview and then after that you got higher it was pretty simple what questions to think of you were asked during the job interview they were mostly pertaining to retail I know they had a nice little section about like why you want to work there like you know fashion questions like if you were interested in fashion obviously things like that and most of questions were just the normal interviewing questions in the application questions everything is pretty much normal what other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to get employment I feel like they should prepare for shows working hard with the company and being like a loyal associate I feel like the job it doesn't really I'm not going to say doesn't require a lot but it requires you just to be dedicated things like that and just have a nice personality you know be ready to communicate with the customers and things of that sort I feel like when I apply I do like item I did like the follow-up call to make sure that my application was reviewed or whatever effect that was also a good aspect my process as well show dedication to the draw all the fees...